Deprogram Project

Deprogram Project adressed the fact that the collective visual expression in a school environment is homogeneous, trend sensitive and exclusively digital. Experimentation follow certain topic related dogmas and often results in a static and predictable digital solution. To counter this, I wanted to explore the choice of technique as a mean to permanently develop my own visual expression.
      The project was implemented analog and lasted for five weeks where I weekly studied five different art movements and daily produced a letter freely inspired by each art movement. The result became a fauna of different techniques with each letter based on an idea of a historical avant-garde movement.
Deprogram Project was nominated in the student category in Visuelt 2013.
Hand Regular

In order not to lose the tactile qualities of the different techniques I made parts of the book by hand to challenge the relationship between analog and digital. To reconnect to a historically analogous part of graphic design I chose not to vectorize the body text but instead place the characters manually, letter by letter.