This is not a Poster

For over 200 years, Posters has made us aware of everything from cultural events to political viewpoints, propaganda and the promotion of products and and services. With it's visual simplicity and large paper format, Posters are a belowed and challenging form of graphic design that has come to be recognized as a vital art form, attracting artists and designers at every level.
      ”This is not a Poster” is a magazine about poster design and the public wall as media. The magazine was executed as a semester project at Westerdals, containing interviews with designers and illustrators giving their view on poster art.
Text, Graphic design & Art Direction: Axel Gustafsson.
Featured artists: Bendik Kaltenborn, Are Kleivan, Merdanchik & Eivind Molvær.

The magazine was used in an performance video on the subject Life–Process–Death. The title, "Rip 300h/4:46min", refers to the estimated number of hours spendt making the magazine in contrast to the number of minutes it took to rip it to pieces.