The medieval ensemble "Patrask" (meaning: "scum, ragtag") is a Swedish group that's been playing medieval music at historical events in Scandinavia since 1999. Patrask is known for their humorous punk rock approach to medieval music, best illustrated by their self-righteous subheading "Sweden's youngest & handsomest medieval band".
       In 2012, Patrask decided to start playing renaissance music instead of medieval music. The new choice of time period is mainly conceptual and a reason for the group to update their concert programs, visual identity and stage costumes. There is also a humorous quality to the fact that Patrask has "aged" into the Renaissance and are ahead of their time ie. the Middle Ages.
      In order not to deviate from the bands original concept, the redesign had to take into account the group's established imagery, but still clearly communicate the groups personal and conceptual Renaissance.
      The project was executed as BA-exam in graphic design at Westerdals Høyskole, spring 2013.

How do you establish a modern visual expression in a subculture that has a claim for historical accuracy? To create recognition without being dependent of traditional branding elements, Patrasks visual profile primarily takes ownership of a character. The similarity between the character and the group's stage costumes and facial hair creates a visual association between the profile and the band on stage. The band and the brand are performing side by side.

Patrask started as a boy band. Today the members are men. Patrask has aged into the Renaissance and reinvented themselves as the youngest band in their genre. The usage of medieval art takes a chronological leap into the future, both technical, but also the age and social status of the motif. The Renaissance Man represents the future, an ideal and an unattainable model. To clarify that Patrask hasn't deviated from it's original concept, established elements is reused as manipulated references. The medieval boy band Patrask is reincarnated in a grown man's body.

Booklet based on the concept of involuntary aging. The constructed surface is unfolded to reveal the groups true multifaceted musical personality.

Poster series for the concert "A New World Order" - a future manifesto with music from the historic year 1492. Since the organizers do most of the advertising, the posters doesn't necessarily holds a function of advertising placards. Instead of promoting the event, the posters promotes the future seen through the eyes of a person reenacting the Middle Ages. The Renaissance man cries for the past in a demonstrative gesture of cultural and scientific excellence. The visitors can with envy behold the Renaissance through a peephole papered on the wall.
for success

Viral promotional film that emphasize the transformation and introduces the new concept. Patrask put's on the Renaissance, literally.

Hand made merchandize with the limitation that the products must function in a historical setting. The Leather badges and Burlop tote bag mimics the aesthetics of exclusive clothing brands to create a bridge between the historic and the modern.